Balcony Dispatch

After moving out of Los Angeles, I found myself anxious and frustrated by the lack of stability and the lack of good photography opportunities. I was living in the South with my fiancee, and our apartment overlooked a lake during what happened to be the rainy season. Spectacular sunset landscapes manifested at an almost comical rate. I started resting my camera on the balcony railing to take long exposure shots of the weather.

What struck me almost immediately was how massively the the weather manipulated the light, and how inseparably wed the two were. This was now a study in light; I found myself wandering onto the balcony frequently to see what would happen.

This series (which began on a therapeutic whim with no thoughts of public appeal) was never meant to be a thorough catalog of weather patterns, nor was it meant to be a meticulous long term landscape project. I placed the camera in roughly the same spot without any fuss, and never gave precedence to shooting on the balcony over, say, eating dinner with my fiancee. This was photography designed to augment and improve my mood, without the stress or perceived consequences of street shooting.